You want to extend your tap-radio®?


No problem. Just request the assistance of your electrician.

Make all your wishes come true with no worry about time or money using the basic functions for lighting, shading and heating or even central control and a software-supported smart home solution.

Thanks to sensors and actuators which are flexible to use, tap-radio® offers the perfect solution for new buildings or for renovating and refurbishing existing ­buildings.

The wireless technology used in tap-radio® pushbuttons allows to fit them on walls, glass or furniture. In fact anywhere you need them.

Wireless sensors detect motion in the room and switch the desired lighting on ­automatically. Not only that. They are real energy savers – when you leave the room, the lighting switches off again.

In addition you can choose from several light scenes to create a cosy atmosphere to suit your mood.

Time switches ensure that the house appears to be occupied – even if no-one is at home. Time or sensor controlled functions switch lights on and off and move the roller shutters up and down. You can see whether everything is really OK at home when you’re out and about by simply using the mobile remote access function in the GFA2 or wibutler app.

Start with a basic configuration such as lighting, shading, heating etc. and then extend the system to cater for your needs. Individual functions can be visualised or networked immediately or at a later date to produce a complete smart home control system.

It’s the small things that make the whole perfect.