Keep everything under control


The high performance wibutler pro-Home server is the central control system for a cross-system tap-radio® home automation solution with visualisation. It connects a large number of wireless sensors and actuators. Optionally it can even operate offline using its own access point with no online connection. Only a few clicks in the wibutler app are needed to network, ­automate and control tap-radio® devices.

Keep an eye on everything
The tap-radio® EnOcean IP camera provides highly encrypted internal and external access by means of the Eltako building wireless system app GFA2 on smartphone and tablet.

Eltako building wireless system app GFA2 and wibutler app on smartphone and tablet
Lie back in the comfort of your own settee and create sophisticated light scenes, control V­enetian blinds automatically from your car, monitor room temperature, windows and doors in your home or keep a remote eye on your home by camera when you‘re on the move. Remote access by apps installed on your smartphone or tablet allows you to control all these functions.