My tap-radio


The convenient extension to your home electrical system


Experience the Eltako tap-radio® with the professional series

The system is very easy to install and is a cost-effective way to extend the electrical system in your home.

Operating the socket actuators is intuitive and as end-user you even have a multitude of options to control your electrical system at home – at low cost and without needing the assistance of qualified technicians.

All actuators are perfectly specialised for their tasks that a single pushbutton can be taught in a number of different functions only by simple tapping – conveniently and without any rotary switches, thanks to tap-radio® technology.

Let an electrician add components from the Professional model series to extend your Eltako tap-radio® system.

You want to extend your tap-radio® system? After having an electrician installed the ­original system, you can teach in new pushbuttons, window contacts, motion ­detectors and humidity temperature sensors in existing tap-radio® actuators without any manual intervention in the flush-mounted holder box.

The Eltako tap-radio® system leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to building automation systems. The entire system can be controlled by an app installed on your smartphone or tablet, provided the wibutler pro-Home server is installed.Mein-Tipp-Funk_Hand