Benefit from the Eltako tap-radio® system

  • All tap-radio® pushbuttons are wireless. Some of them even have no batteries and can be fitted to any point by stickers or screws.
  • Tap-radio® adapters can be used in any German fused safety socket.
  • Extend the functional scope of the tap-radio® fitted actuators to suit your needs by the growing number of sensors – and there’s no need to intervene in the flush-mounted box.
  • Perfect solution for renovation or restoration upgradable at any time with even more cost-effective sensors and actuators
  • The scope of functions of tap-radio® actuators is highly specialised and makes it easy and convenient to teach-in and control your electrical system.
  • Wibutler pro home server for a cross trade home automation solution. Control and visualization with smartphone and tablet
  • With the reliable and worldwide standardized EnOcean wireless ­technology in 868MHz.
  • Eltako tap-radio® is compatible with the unencrypted Eltako standard wireless product family.