FRWB-rw Wireless smoke detector with base and battery

Wireless smoke detector pure white with wireless emitter module in the base. Ø86 mm, 49 mm high. With solar cell and battery (lifetime 10 years). Smart Home sensor.

This smoke alarm works according to the photoelectric principle. A fire alarm is indicated by a series of repeated sounds, the volume is at least 85 dB.
Operation is indicated by a red LED flashing every 48 seconds.
The power supply of the smoke alarm detector is made by an internal, non-interchangeable lithium battery for about 10 years. When the battery is at the end of its life, a short beep sound is produced. Then only the smoke alarm must be replaced.
The power supply for the radio transmitter module is provided by a solar cell if sufficient brightness is present. In the delivery state, the battery is empty and must first be charged in daylight. If the room brightness is not sufficient for operation, a 3,6 V lithium battery 1/2 AA (not included) must be inserted.
The radio transmitter module sends an alarm telegram immediately to the Eltako wireless system. This is also done when the cover is pressed during the function test.
As soon as the alarm extinguishes, an alarm-end telegram is sent.
Approx. every 30 minutes a status message is sent.
To teach-in the smoke detector in a prepared actuator, the button on the radio emitter must be pressed.
Temperature at mounting location: +4°C to +38°C.
Installation in bedrooms, living rooms, store rooms, corridors and stairwells.
Functional check: Once a month, carry out a functional check and keep at least 50 cm away from the device since the alarm signal is loud!
By pressing the cover of the smoke ­detector a sound will be emitted and the LED flashes twice red!

EAN 4010312321027