FDT55EB-wg 1-way wireless rotary switch E-Design55 pure white glossy

1-way wireless rotary switch pure white glossy, for single mounting 80 x 80 x 25 mm or mounting into the E-Design55 switching system. With batteries (lifetime 2-8 years). Smart Home sensor.

All Eltako wireless dimmers can be controlled by this wireless rotary switch, and also the wireless switching actuators TF61L, TF100L and FSR61.
To teach in the wireless rotary switch in the actuators, pull off the rotary knob and the front ­panel. Press and hold the mini pushbutton (LRN) which is then accessible and briefly press the rotary knob shaft.
The power supply is an internal 3 V CR2032 button cell and has a service life of several years.
To replace the button cell, just remove the front panel and the rotary knob.
Mounting: Screw on mounting plate. Then snap on the frame, remove the battery insulation, plug on the rotary knob and snap on the front panel.
Use the sleeves in the 55 mm socket box for screw mounting.
We recommend stainless-steel countersunk screws 2.9 x 25 mm, DIN 7982 C, for screw ­connections. Both with rawl plugs 5 x 25 mm and with 55 mm switch boxes. Set of 2 stainless-steel countersunk screws 2.9 x 25 mm and plugs 5 x 25 mm are enclosed.
Only in combination with dimmers: the minimum brightness can be adjusted in 3 levels with a jumper as well as the soft on function.

EAN 4010312319987