FLGTF55-wgWireless air quality-temperature-humidity sensor

Wireless air quality-temperature-humidity sensor, pure white glossy, for single mounting 80 x 80 x 17/33 mm or installation into the E-Design55 switching system. With LED display to signal room air quality. With additional alert tone. Power supply 230 V. Stand-by loss only 0.6 watt. Smart Home sensor.

The sensor measures all total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the air, temperature from -20°C to +60°C and humidity from 0 to 100%.
Every change in TVOC value or a change of 5% in humidity or a change in temperature by 0.6° is signalled by wireless telegram to the Eltako wireless network within 30 seconds. If there is no change, a status telegram is sent every 10 minutes.
Installation in a 55 mm switch box: Screw on the mounting plate. Snap on the frame and plug in the front panel including the electronics. 230 V power supply wired to the terminals at the rear.
We recommend stainless steel countersunk head screws 2.9 x 25 mm, DIN 7982 C for screw connections. Either with rawl plugs 5 x 25 mm or on 55 mm switch boxes. Set of 2 stainless steel countersunk head screws 2.9 x 25 mm and 2 rawl plugs 5 x 25 mm is enclosed.
After switching on the power supply, 5 beeps sound and the LED first lights up green. After a few minutes, the LED colour changes ­depending on the room air quality: The LED shines green up to 220 ppb (< 1 mg/m³) = good room air quality. The LED shines yellow from 221 ppb to 660 ppb = medium room air quality. We advise occasional airing. The LED flashes red as of 661 ppb (> 3 mg/m³). Every 3 minutes, a 5-fold alert tone sounds = poor room air quality. Prolonged airing required.
After switching on the power supply, teach-in telegrams with two different IDs are sent, one for the TVOC sensor followed by one for the temperature/humidity sensor.
The LED indicates that a telegram is sent by flashing once. The actual temperature is only measured approx. 30 minutes after the power supply is switched on while the electronics undergo temperature compensation.

EAN 401031321058