FB55B-wg Wireless motion sensor with battery

Wireless motion sensor pure white glossy for surface mounting 80 x 80 x 27 mm or mounting into the E-Design55 switching system. With battery (lifetime 3 years). Smart Home Sensor.

The factory setting switches off taught-in light actuators and dimming actuators automatically if no motion is detected for 5 minutes. Switch-on is by means of the light pushbutton.
Place a jumper in ‚active‘ position to enable automatic motion-dependent switch-on.
We recommend stainless-steel countersunk 2.9 x 25 mm, DIN 7982 C, for screw connections. Both with rawl plugs 5 x 25 mm and with 55 mm switch boxes. An adhesice foil and a set of 2 stainless-steel countersunk screws 2,9 x 25 mm and plugs 5 x 25 mm are enclosed.
The wireless sensor can be taught-in into the tap-radio® actuators TF61L, TF61D, FTA65L, FTA65D, FTA55L, FTA55D, TF100L and TF100D.

EAN 4010312321003