FTA55J-wg Wireless pushbutton shading actuator E-Design55 pure white glossy

Wireless pushbutton shading actuator, 1+1 NO contact 4 A/250 V AC for one shading element motor. For single mounting 80 x 80 x 15/33 mm or mounting into the E-Design55 switching system. Pure white glossy. With integrated universal/direction pushbutton and terminals for additional wired pushbuttons. Power supply 230 V. Only 0.8 watt standby loss. Smart Home sensor and actuator.

Using easy tap technology, up to 32 wireless universal pushbuttons, wire­less direction pushbuttons and wire­less ­central ­control pushbuttons can be taught in. In addition the actuator can be locally controlled with a conventional 230 V wired push­button without glow lamp.
The integrated pushbutton works ex work as an universal pushbutton and can be taught-in as an direction pushbutton using the corresponding tap-radio tapping code.
Mounting over a 55 mm switch box. 15 mm over and 33 mm into the box. 230 V power supply and wired pushbutton terminals on the rear.

EAN 4010312319246