TF-TTB Tap-radio® pushbutton tracker

Wireless pushbutton tracker with battery (lifetime 5-8 years). 55x44mm, 15mm high. Weighs only 20 grams. Smart Home sensor.

The TF-TTB wireless pushbutton tracker has a blue pushbutton to send normal pushbutton ­telegrams.
After opening the housing (grasp into the joint and prise apart), switch the tracker on by shifting the slide switch to the Tr position.
The sensor then sends a presence telegram every 60 seconds.
An internal 3V button cell CR2032 supplies power for several years.
The wireless sensor can be taught in as a tracker (presence detector) in the following actuators and in the GFVS: TF61L, TF61D, TF-TA65L, TF-TA65D, TF-TA55L, TF-TA55D, TF100L and TF100D.

EAN 4010312317563