TF-UTH Tap-radio® clock thermo hygrostat

Wireless clock thermo hygrostat with display pure white glossy for single mounting 84x84x14/33mm or mounting into the E-design switching ­system. With adjustable day and night ­reference temperatures and relative ­humidity. Illuminated display. Preset ready to operate. Approx. 7 days ­power reserve. Power supply 230V. Only 0.5 watt standby loss. Smart Home sensor.

Up to 60 timer memory locations are freely assigned to the channels. With date and ­auto­matic summer/winter time change­over.
The wireless clock thermo hygrostat sends a message to the Eltako wireless network every 50 seconds when there is an actual temperature change of minimum 0.3°C or a change in humidity of 5%. A change in reference temperature or relative humidity is sent immediately. If there is no change, a status report is sent every 10 minutes. Queries of a wireless small actuator FKS which are received ­approximately every 10 minutes will be answered immediately.
Settings are made with the buttons ­MODE and SET and can be locked.

The display illumination goes on by pressing on MODE or SET.
20 seconds after you last press MODE or SET, the program returns automatically to normal display and the display illumination goes off.
A complete switching programme is ­preset and can be very easily changed.
The factory setting for night temperature is 18°C.
Mounting over a 55mm switch box. 14mm over and 33mm into the box. 230V power supply terminals on the rear.

EAN 4010312317327