TF100D-230V Tap-radio® universal dimming actuator adapter

Wireless universal dimming actuator adapter. 100x55x45mm (measurements without plug), pure white. With power MOSFET. 230V incandescent lamps and halogen lamps up to 300W, 230V LEDs up to 100W. No inductive (wound) transformers. With children‘s rooms and snooze ­function.
No minimum load. Standby loss only 0.7 watt. Smart Home actuator.

Adapter for German fused safety sockets with increased shock protection.
Using easy tap-radio® technology, up to 24 wireless universal pushbuttons, wireless direction pushbuttons, wireless central ­control pushbuttons as well as motion sensors TF-BSB and ­TF-BHSB can be taught in.
During teach-in, the dimming actuator can be set to phase control to permit optimum dimming for various LED lamps.

EAN 4010312317020