TF61P-230V Wirless repeater 1 and 2 level

1- and 2-level wireless repeater 45x45x18mm. Only 0.7 watt standby loss. Smart Home repeater.

Supply voltage 230 V.
This repeater is only needed if the ­building conditions prevent undisturbed reception or the ­distance between the wireless pushbutton and receiver is too great.
The 1-level mode is activated ex works. Only wireless signals from sensors are received, tested and retransmitted at full transmit power. Wireless signals from other repeaters are ignored to reduce the data volume.
From production week 26/18: Switch over to 2-level mode using the rotary switch. Sensor wireless signals are then processed in addition to the wireless signals of another 1-level repeater. A wireless signal can then receive and amplify a maximum of two times. The LED shows incoming wireless signals by briefly flashing.
Wireless repeaters need not be taught-in. They receive and amplify signals from all wireless sensors within their reception area.

EAN 4010312318157