To start with / Blisterpacks

01 Plug the adapter into the socket and then a lamp socket into the adapter.
transparent The teach-in mode is automatically 2 minutes when the memory is empty.
transparent Readiness for teach-in is indicated by the lamp briefly switching on/off.

02 To teach-in the pushbutton as an universal pushbutton, tap briefly 3 times.

03 A successful teach-in procedure is indicated by a short blinking of the load.
transparent The teach-in mode is then active for further 2 minutes.

04 To prevent unintentional teach-in, the teach-in mode is ­automatically blocked 2 minutes after the last teach-in, if an universal or ­direction pushbutton is
transparent already taught in.
transparent This is indicated by a double short blinking of the load.

05 The pushbutton is ready for operation and the light can be dimmed.

Please refer to the enclosed operating instructions for all other functions.
For detailed information on tap®-radio, contact your electrician.