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TF-1FT Tap-radio® 1-way wireless pushbutton

TF-2FT Tap-radio® 2-way wireless pushbutton

TF-2FT55 Tap-radio® 2-way wireless pushbutton

TF-4FT Tap-radio® 4-way wireless pushbutton

TF-4FT55 Tap-radio® 4-way wireless pushbutton

TF-4PT-gb Tap-radio® profile pushbutton

TF-4PT55-gb Tap-radio® profile pushbutton

TF-2ZT Tap-radio® 2-way central control pushbutton

TF-2ZT55 Tap-radio® 2-way central control pushbutton

TF-WTBTap-radio® rocker pushbutton

TF-WTB55Tap-radio® rocker pushbutton

TF-8FM Tap-radio® 8-way wireless mini hand-held transmitter

TF-BHSB Tap-radio® motion/brightness sensor

TF-BHSB55Tap-radio® motion/brightness sensor

TF-BSB Tap-radio® motion sensor

TF-BSB55 Tap-radio® motion sensor

TF-DTB Tap-radio® rotary switch

TF-DTB55 Tap-radio® rotary switch

TF-FKB Tap-radio® window contact

TF-FGBTap-radio®window handle sensor

TF-FKE Tap-radio® window contact

TF-FTE Tap-radio® window touch contact

TF-FKS Tap-radio® small actuator

TF-FTSB Tap-radio® humidity temperature sensor

TF-FTSB55 Tap-radio® humidity temperature sensor

IP-Cam IP camera with motion detector

MiniSafeSmart Home control unit

MiniSafeREGSmart Home control unit DIN rail mounted device

TF-RWB Tap-radio® smoke detector

TF-HMBTap-radio® heat detector

TF-SUD Tap-radio® timer

TF-SUD55 Tap-radio® timer

TF-TA55DLTap-radio® pushbutton actuator dimming w/o N connection

TF-TA55D Tap-radio® pushbutton actuator dimming

TF-TA65DLTap-radio® pushbutton actuator dimming w/o N connection

TF-TA65D Tap-radio® pushbutton actuator dimming

TF-TA55J Tap-radio® pushbutton actuator shading

TF-TA65J Tap-radio® pushbutton actuator shading

TF-TA55L Tap-radio® pushbutton actuator light switch

TF-TA65L Tap-radio® pushbutton actuator light switch

TF-TRHB Tap-radio® temperature controller

TF-TRHB55 Tap-radio® temperature controller

TF-TTB Tap-radio® pushbutton tracker

TF-UTH Tap-radio® clock thermo hygrostat

TF-UTH55 Tap-radio® clock thermo hygrostat

TF100A-230V Tap-radio® signal generator adapter

TF100D-230V Tap-radio® universal dimming actuator adapter

TF100L-230V Tap-radio® light actuator adapter

TF100P-230V Tap-radio® repeater adapter

TF100SSR-230VTap-radio® light actuator adapter

TF61D-230V Tap-radio® universal dimming actuator

TF61J-230V Tap-radio® shading element actuator

TF61L-230V Tap-radio® light actuator

TF61P-230V Tap-radio® repeater

TF61R-230V Tap-radio® relay actuator

TF-IUS55Tap-radio® indoor UP signal generator

TF-IUSTap-radio® indoor UP signal generator

WP wibutler pro Eltako edition Smart Home control unit with app

TF-BP61L Tap-radio® blisterpack switching

TF-BP61L55 Tap-radio® 2-way central control pushbutton

TF-BPD Tap-radio® blisterpack dimming

TF-BPD55 Tap-radio® blisterpack dimming

TF-BPL Tap-radio® blisterpack switching

TF-BPL55 Tap-radio® blisterpack switching

TF-AHDSBTap-radio® outdoor brightness twilight sensor

TF-LGTFTap-radio® air quality+temperature+humidity sensor

TF-TRSBTap-radio® temperature controller

TF-TRSB55Tap-radio® temperature controller

TF-TRDB Tap-radio® temperature controller with display

TF-TRDB55 Tap-radio® temperature controller with display

TF-TFB Tap-radio® temperature+humidity sensor