This is how tap-radio® works

After plugging on the adapter plug actuator into the socket or connecting the tap-radio® ­actuator and switching on the power supply, the wireless pushbutton can be taught in within two ­minutes for each pushbutton by tapping the pushbutton on the appropriate actuator.
Light, dimming and Venetian blind actuators: tap briefly 3 times for use as an universal ­pushbutton, 4 times briefly for use as a direction pushbutton, 5 times briefly for use as a central control push­button On, 6 times briefly for use as a central control pushbutton Off. Every teach-in and start and end of teach-in standby is confirmed by short flashing or flickering, if a lamp or a motor is connected. If no action takes place for two minutes, teach-in ends automatically.
But beforehand, block any further teach-in by tapping a taught in wireless pushbutton 3 times briefly and once long (>1 second) to prevent any accidental teach-in. Then the next tap-radio® actuator can be connected, taught in and blocked without affecting the previous one connected.
On actuators manufactured after production week 27/2016, locking is carried out automatically after a period of two minutes, if at least one pushbutton was not taught in as a central control pushbutton.

If you want to change the taught in device later or teach in other sensors, you can activate the block function again: after the supply voltage is switched on/off by a taught-in wireless pushbutton, but not by a central control pushbutton, tap briefly 4 times and once long (>1 second).
The wireless dimming actuators are universal dimming actuators in the factory setting and they dim depending on the connected load with leading or trailing edge. With various LED lamps, the dimming function improves when dimming takes place with leading edge dimming. Leading edge dimming is defined by tapping 5 times briefly and once long (>1 second). The factory setting is reset by tapping 6 times briefly and once long (>1 second).
The TF-FKE window contacts and wireless pushbuttons are also taught in into the TF61R-230V relay actuator by briefly tapping the contact 3 times to generate a NO contact or briefly tapping the contact 4 times to generate a NC contact. TF-FKB window contacts are taught in by their magnets: tapping 3 times briefly to generate a NO contact or tapping 4 times briefly to generate a NC contact. Blocking and unblocking as for the other actuators.
Virtual pushbuttons from the GFVS software are taught in by special wireless telegrams saved there.